Vila Emma
Horský penzión

Chata pod Soliskom
1840 m.n.m.

Aprés ski bar
1355 m.n.m.


Solisko Chalet in winter Dear tourists, climbers, lost hikers ;-)), golfers, chessplayers

Solisko Chalet is located on the hillside of Predne Solisko, 1840 meters above sea level, right above Strbske Pleso There are two ways how to get here:

  1. by high speed chairlift about 10 minutes
  2. for the skilled sportsmen or empty pockets - by foot about 1 hour 20 minutes (follow blue signs)

What will you find here?

Year round 24/7 hot meals, drinks, info and accommodation. We can offer tanning room on our terrace and unique view at Krivan peak, Podtatranska kotlina and Low Tatras totally for free.

We are not responsible for the health risk caused by over usage of the tanning room and alcoholic beverages!

So enjoy your trip and hike!

You are more than welcome.

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